Rithwic is burning

The hamlet of Ashport is part of the Rulatharian Empire. Its main purpose is to act as a resupply station for ships traveling up through the Gulf of Omens. Twice since its founding, a red dragon has attacked the city and reduced it to ash. Rather than abandon their lands, the citizens of Ashport simply rebuild and persist. Ashport is also important to Rulathar because it is the only major civilized area close to Haven.

Ashport has a population of about 330. Most of the citizens are farmers or sailors of some sort. The port is the lifeblood of the hamlet, and a militia protects it from pirates and seafaring creatures. Alzar Camdos is the Half-Elven mayor of Ashport, and he does his best to protect his people. He is currently building up defenses in case the dragon returns. His goal is not to kill the dragon but to make sure it leaves his people alone.

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