Each week is broken into seven days. A year consists of 336 days and is broken into 12 months that last 28 days each. There are also various holidays scattered throughout the year, though they always fall at the end of the month. All the following names are Common examples from human lands and have been widely accepted throughout Faerstice (they were used for centuries on Pallis as well).

Days of the Week: Talsday, Workday, Almsday, Gateday, Runday, Sharday, Freeday

Month Name Season
1 Melting Spring
Rebirth Holiday
2 Sowing Spring
Seedbless Holiday
3 Highsun Summer
Longmeal Holiday
4 Shieldset Summer
Midsummer Holiday
5 Godsend Summer
Devotion Holiday
6 Embers Summer
7 Culling Autumn
Remembrance Holiday
8 Reaping Autumn
Harvest Holiday
9 Lowsun Winter
Almstide Holiday
10 Snowfall Winter
11 Hearthsit Winter
12 Leantime Winter
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