The deity of the Plane of Indulgence, Clauster is the patron deity of hedonists and anyone in the entertainment trade. It is said that he created the satyrs and nymphs. Clauster is called the host because he makes sure that everyone has a good time. His home plane is a constant orgy of any desire that an individual can think of. Many towns and villages have a shrine set up to him simply so that their festivals will gain a surge of revelry from the deity. Any celebration that Clauster decides to bless ends up being emblazoned into the memory of the revelers. His symbol is two mugs toasting.


  • One should not let society hold them back from pursuing their desires. No law from man or the divine should stop someone from seeking out what makes them happy.
  • One should never infringe upon the happiness of others unless absolutely necessary. Any individual should be lifted out of bondage unless they deserve it without a shadow of a doubt.
  • One should help others indulge their desires if at all possible. Prudes make no one happy, least of all themselves. Be charitable to those who are trying to fulfill their desires.
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