The Crushing Mountain is the largest Dwarven mountainhold on Faerstice. The dwarves are a proud people, and they tend to keep to themselves unless called to action by the concerns of the topsiders. The carved chambers of the Crushing Mountain rival the splendor of the carved towers in Rulathar, and the army of the mountainhold is more than a match for any force on Faerstice. However, the dwarves wage constant war with other denizens of the deep. Umber hulk attacks, deurgar raids, and goblin skirmishes are constant threats. As such, the dwarves are generally more preoccupied with their own troubles.

This mountainhold gained its name from a goblin assault that occured early in the Dwarven occupation of the Pridefall Mountains. A massive goblinoid horde attacked the mountainhold from several directions at once, and the dwarves fought to the last man. Every dwarf was killed. It was seventy years until an expedition led by Dworic Barent managed to reclaim the area for the dwarves. After the reclamation, the dwarves swore never to be so surprised again. They focus on their industrious power on building up the defenses of the mountainhold. The Crushing Mountain is now neigh impregnable to any attack from above or below.


Stonelord Kilvar Barent

The population of the Crushing Mountain is around 19,000. Many of the dwarves serve as craftsmen, and they produce some of the finest equipment in Faerstice. Their siege weapons, especially the magnificent war cannons, are peerless pieces of engineering. The majority of Dwarven trade with other kingdoms is based on their siegecraft.


Crushing Mountain Crest

Stonelord Kilvar Barent, son of Dworic Barent, is the current ruler of the Crushing Mountain. He seeks to ingratiate himself more with the human kingdoms since he sees the value of having such allies. Under his rule, more and more Dwarven weapons have made their way into human hands.

The crest of the Crushing Mountain is a golden hammer atop golden wings.

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