Plane of Invention

The deity of the Plane of Invention, Dalkus Roban is the patron deity of gnomes and inventors. Dalkus evolved the gnomes and gave them the spark of invention that drives them. His plane is a shifting environment where everything is reinvented constantly, and new creations seem to spring from thin air. Any settlement with a decent gnome population has a shrine to Dalkus in the part of the city closest to the tradesmen. When Dalkus bestows his blessing, it is usually to help someone solve a particularly hard problem. It is said that every ah-ha moment is Dalkus nudging the individual in the right direction. His symbol is a book with a spanner resting on top of it.


  • Only by constantly reinventing oneself can a person achieve perfection; therefore, one must try new experiences constantly to see what they excel at.
  • Once a solution works, abandon it. Only by challenging oneself can a person reach new plateaus of faculty.
  • Learn and record everything. The quest for knowledge is of the utmost importance and one must never forget a piece of information or pass up an opportunity to learn more.
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