The Devotion festival lasts three days at the end of Godsend. It is a month of near perfect weather and comfort, so these three days are spent in worship, thanking the gods for all their gifts through the year. The devoted will make pilgrimages to holy sites to pay their respects to their respective gods, and they will make appropriate sacrifices to them. Sir Talsden's Cathedral typically sets up hundreds of tents outside the city proper to accommodate the influx of pilgrims during this time. However, not all who celebrate this holiday simply show their thanks to the gods. Many use this time to strengthen relationships of all sorts. Merchants will give gifts to others of some standing to bring about favorable trade deals. Lovers will seek out ways to show their passions to their partners. It is also customary for soldiers to trade gifts with their comrades. Overall, it is a celebration of relationships of all sorts.

Since the Humbling, the worship of gods has waned in popularity, and only a handful of people actually observe it. Two exceptions are the dwarves and orcs. They spend the three days in prayer showing subservience to Ranten Thistleback and Kraggok, respectively. A large percentage of the gnome population also spends this time working on their most complicated inventions to glorify Dalkus Roban.

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