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Faerstice (from the Old Common word meaning sudden/violent stabbing pain) is a secluded continent north of what was once Pallis but is now known as the Mournlands. All the mortal races now live on Faerstice, and the immortal elves of Keyldynan live hidden from their short-lived counterparts.

The majority of Faerstice is under human control. The only area not under their full dominance is the Swordbreaker Peninsula and parts of the Deep Wards. The Pridefall Mountains are split between the dwarves and the humans.

Some western portions of Faerstice have already fallen to the fog, and the humans in Vludrecht are worried about it seeping into their holdings in the Rending Bay. Any who travel the western lands must be ever cautious of the fog rolling in.

The climate of Faerstice is rather mild, save for the bitter cold of the northlands. The Tempest Coast is occasionally wracked by high intensity storms, but most areas enjoy a temperate four-season climate. The Targok Floodplains are especially warm and sunny throughout most of the year, so they make excellent farmlands.

Though elves settled here for millenia and the mortal races have been here over four centuries, Faerstice is still a wild and largely uncivilized continent. Meanacing creatures roam the shores and interior, and ancient evils gather strength in the labyrinthine tunnels under the mountains and hills. Settlements outside of the major cities are under constant threat of destruction from innumerable sources.

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