Feppo's Landing is the largest port in Faerstice. It is also home to the largest concentration of gnomes on the continent. The city is an engineering marvel. Mechanical servants have been built to help with loading on the docks, and automated soldiers patrol the streets to maintain the peace. Feppo's Landing started as a simple trading post founded by Feppo Goldrunner, a tradesman and notable pirate. It wasn't until the targok settled the nearby floodplains and began trading with Goldrunner that the port began to truly grow. Now, a large percentage of all food travels through the port and reaches every corner of Faerstice.

Along with all the wealth came a seedy underbelly. There are a large amount of halfling pirates in the city that control the black market, and they get a decent cut of most operations in the city. The rulership has tried to crack down on the criminal element throughout the port's history, but an effective blow has never been dealt.

The Society of Sprockets is headquartered here, and they have added greatly to the success of the port. It is their innovations that have repelled repeated incursions by pirates and creatures of the deep. The human kingdoms have been reluctant to ever try to conquer the port since it supplies most of their food and the defenses are so effective.

The population of Feppo's Landing is around 32,000. Most of the citizens make their living supporting the port in one way or another. The city guard keeps constant watch alongside the arcane constructs crafted by brilliant Gnomish inventors.


King Xodon Duskember

King Xodon Duskember, Lord of the Port, The Handcutter, Guardian of the Short Ones, Tamer of the Seas, and Imbiber of Dragon Blood is the current ruler of Feppo's Landing. He is the only Gnomish ruler of a major city in Faerstice, and he is quite proud of that achievement. He keeps a stable of advisers from each race to council him on the various issues that arise, but he has final say on all decisions. Due to Gnomish rule, Feppo's Landing has laws based more on logic than tradition. The laws are constantly updated to reflect changing demographics or technology. There is a law for any specific facet of life, and trying to learn them all can be a daunting task. Gnomish oathkeepers are the most feared inhabitants of the port as they can find a charge to level against nearly anyone for any action.

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