A Knight of Sir Talsden Decapitates a Hill Giant

The Flint Hills are an abundant source of natural resources that are mined by the Gildounian Empire. However, the hills once held one of the fiercest enemies on Faerstice: the hill giants. The giants lived in isolation for centuries, but they suddenly began raiding Gildounian settlements nearly seventy years ago. The army of Gildoun was all but destroyed by the giants, and it was the Order of Sir Talsden that bolstered their defenses enough at Gildoun to keep the giants from sacking the city. The order then took the fight to the giants and killed all the giants they could find.

There are thousands of natural cave systems throughout the Flint Hills, and they sometimes hide all manner of foul creatures. All manner of creatures with the blood of giants stalk these lands, the most troublesome of which are the cyclopes. Some caves are even home to those giants that went into hiding after Sir Talsden's knights killed their brethren. Some within the Reclamation Guild believe that these caves also hide ancient caches of Elven treasure. There have been several such caches found, and at least three underground cities have been discovered in the hills as well.

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