The Fogveil Forest is an exceedingly deadly location as the fog sometimes sweeps into this swampy area. In the southern swampy area of the forest, putrid water hides dangerous creatures under the gnarled black trees, even when the fog is not present. The drier northern reaches of the forest stink of decay, which adds to the aura of death that surrounds the forest. Bullywugs, lizardfolk, gnolls, and trolls all make their home in this forest. There are old legends of an ancient dragon that makes its home in this forest, and many think the decay of the area is caused by its influence.

Not many travel this forest since it is so deadly. The orcs have several encampments on the western edge of the forest. They are interested in the effects of the fog on the creatures that live in the forest. The Vigilant Guard also have several camps near the forest to keep on eye on how the fog seeps into the forest. They are also ready should any creatures try to mount an assault against Fort Vigilance.

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