Outer Walls of Fort Vigilance

Fort Vigilance is where the Vigilant Guard protect the rest of Faerstice from the encroaching fog. The fort monitors the movements of the fog in order to warn nearby settlements of any problematic developments. A joint investment by all human kingdoms keeps this fort supplied, but some of the kingdoms shirk their duties to attend to more immediate problems. This reduction in support has left the fort battered and poorly supplied. A near constant assault from the abominations that spill forth from the fog is whittling down the guard's numbers.

If the fort were to fall, there is no telling how many creatures would rampage across the land. The Rulatharian Empire has been the most vocal in its support of the fort, and they constantly push the other kingdoms to pay their fair share.

Commander Argun Pridewater works tirelessly to protect the fort and keep his people protected the best he can. He has recently put out a call to any mercenaries or adventurers that are brave enough to come act as the first line of defense against the horrors that threaten to spill over onto the mainland.

The population of Fort Vigilance is around 500, and the nearby encampments and villages hold another 1,500 people. Though they own allegiance to no particular kingdom, Rulathar definitely holds sway over the fort.

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