Gildoun Trade District

Gildoun is the capital of the Gildounian Empire. The empire itself comprises the Flint Hills, the Silver Lake, some portions of the Tomb Fields, and the northern part of the Spearwind Lowlands. The Gildounian empire is the richest of all human lands, and Gildoun is its crown jewel. The city is the largest trading hub in Faerstice, and nearly anything can be purchased there. If legitimate merchants do not have an item that a customer wants, then the sprawling black market can accommodate them.

Gildounians live a more extravagant life than most other humans. They have access to the finest items on the continent, and the average citizen earns a comparatively large wage. Most luxuries are moved through the gates of Gildoun, and the city takes a hefty cut of all income from the trade that takes place there.

Though the armies of Gildoun may not have the best training, they are by far the most well equipped. A hefty percentage of the Gildounian armed forces are made up of mercenaries whose loyalty is bought and paid for. The goal of Gildoun during any conflict is to simply outspend the enemy and wage a war of attrition.

Everything is a commodity in Gildoun, and they have no qualms about taking part in the slave trade. Through their control of the central trades roads and the Silver Lake, they have a hand in every product that must be moved between the two halves of Faerstice. The Flint Hills also provide an abundance of mines that fill the coffers of Gildoun.

Phoenix crest by aerin kayne-db4h5un

Gildounian Crest

The population of Gildoun is around 47,000, and they are lead by a triumvirate of merchant lords. Lords Vernigo Goodport, Alsand Beaumour, and Luchesi Blossombow are the leaders of the city. They work together to make all the major decisions for Gildoun, and their word is final. All the noble families of Gildoun sit on a council that advises the triumvirate. Each of the triumvirate are members of the Coin Lords, and they use their connections to control the markets of other kingdoms for their own gain.

The crest of the Gildounian Empire is a silver phoenix grasping a snake.

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