Goliaths are the only civilized race that inhabited Faerstice before the elves. For the many years that the elves ruled over Faerstice, the goliaths maintained a live and let live attitude with their pointy-eared neighbors. This is mostly due to the fact that the goliaths have always lived in the Pridefall Mountains around what is now Vludrecht. The desolate peaks are uninhabitable by any but the most hardy, though the goliaths live comfortably there.

Goliaths live in small tribes, and they exist in much the same way as they always have. They are seen as primitive by the other races, yet they are still in high demand for their martial prowess. Goliaths are quick to leave their villages to gain glory. If they gain fortune while doing so, even better. The armies of Vludrecht are especially fond of hiring Goliaths for their brute strength and knowledge of the surrounding mountains. The morality of goliaths also makes them excellent mercenaries. They typically don't care for the ideals of others, and they will do anything to grow their own fame and fortune. Murder isn't a grave taboo in goliath society, as long as there was a good reason to kill the person. It is this moral apathy that makes other races not trust goliaths. The goliaths don't particularly care.

A goliath will usually only stay with his tribe long enough to gain some sort of skill that he can exploit to grow his own fame. The only exception being those goliaths who are called to serve as village elders. As soon as a goliath completes an act of some renown, they will take a name associated with the act. Some of the more prominent goliaths in their oral histories are: Icebather, Scalebreaker, Firewalker, Throatripper, and Loudsong. Until they have performed this action, they are simply called "whelp." This creates unending confusion for outsiders, but the goliaths have no trouble distinguishing one whelp from another, though their conversations can be infuriating roundabout for other races.

Goliaths usually worship whichever deity suits their purpose, though a the most popular among their faithful are Gubash, Valdric Teztine, and Zephyr Spearwind.

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