Gorgothe grew up in the village of Dalita on the Tempestuous Coast. When he was a child his father died in a freak farming accident. His older brother Galthal saw the accident happen driving him into a deep depression. Galthal stumbled upon a book of secrets with lost by an ancient follower of the One from the Great Beyond. Reading the book drove him mad causing him to destroy their village. Fortunately Gorgothe and his twin brother Gamilgal were swimming along the coast during the incident.

As Galthal madness drove him to destroy other villages along the Tempestuous coast Gorgothe took it upon himself to find the power to stop Galthal, leading him to take up a pack with a dark one. His brother Gamilgal took it upon himself to learn magic in order to defend and aid near by villages. Galthal has since mysteriously disappeared. Gorgothe has devoted his life to finding and stopping him.

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