The deity of the Water Plane, Gubash is the patron deity of the denizens of the oceans, most people who make their living on the high seas, and explorers. Halfling pirates and coastal cities generally have a higher number of Gubash worshipers. The plane of water is a paradise for all aquatic creatures where Gubash maintains what is basically an aquarium of all his creations. Gubash also champions exploration and patience as virtues. He has been known to calm water tempests that his followers come in contact with or to call off his more vicious creations that threaten particularly devout worshipers. Most ships have at least a small shrine to Gubash on board. His symbol is a cresting wave.


  • One should continuously explore the world and themselves. Stagnate people are like stagnate water, useful only to those that feed off decay.
  • One should be patient in all things. A carefully considered plan can achieve greater results than a hasty one.
  • Hunt out and destroy aberrant creatures that make the seas their home. Any who upset the delicate balance of the seas should be destroyed.
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