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A Light Tender

The waters around the Gulf of Omens gets their name from the fact that many have said they have supernatural experiences there. Some seers travel to the gulf and swear their visions are more vivid and accurate. Some have went there and communicated with departed loved ones. A group of villagers called the Light Tenders live near the coast as well. They will go out onto the jutting rocks of the gulf and light lanterns. The lights burn all night, and the tenders keep a watchful eye over them. Afterwards, they will inspect the area around the lantern. It is said that the spirits leave gives for those who tend the lanterns. Sometimes a few coins show up or a letter waiting to be delivered to a family member.

There are also some very real dangers on this coast. Giant lizards, sahuagin, merrow, and water elementals all surge out toward the coast to murder any unwary enough to stray too far toward the water.

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