Half-Elf Courtesan

Half-elves are born of two races, human and elf. They possess overwhelming beauty and also an urgency to live life to the fullest. They are not simply the sum of their bi-racial upbringing: they are their own unique creature. Half-elves fall naturally into leadership and entertainment positions, as their words and actions motive others rather easily. Even a small bit of Elven ancestry shows up prominently, as it outshines their human blood. Since it is increasingly rare for an elf to copulate with a human in these times, most half-elves have only a sliver of Elven blood.

All half-elves are alluring in some way that humans simply aren't capable of. They generally stand around 5'10 tall and have fairer complexions than most humans. Their hair tends to grow long and straight, and they take great pride in how much shimmer it produces. They have more musculature than elves do, and they are generally more urgent in their actions than their elven ancestors. Half-elven eye and hair color ranges every color imaginable, with some even having naturally blue or green hair.

Half-elves are use to garnering quite a bit of attention, and they know how to easily utilize it to their own advantage. Their life isn't all glamorous. There are some who are jealous of the elven blood that flows through the half-elves, and some even curse them because of the overwhelming racist sentiments toward elves. Most of the time elves become enthralled with the joie de vivre that humans exhibit and the two will have a whirlwind romance, but the elf will eventually tire of their aging mate. Some courtships are happier than this, but they are the exception rather than the rule.

These factors all add up to make half-elves an altogether loved race that generally has a sense of abandonment even with all their admirers. They are generally proud of their Elven blood and the power it bestows them. Some even talk of the ancient cities their ancestors were from (though it is usually a lie designed to get more coin for wine).

Half-elves generally decide to be adventures out of boredom or to prove themselves. Living the lavish lifestyle of a court entertainer can be a bit monotonous after a while, which leads some half-elves to spend their savings on adventuring gear. Adventuring is also a way for some of the less fortunate elves who have been pressed into the sex trade to escape its confines. Sometimes indebted half-elves are sold as “pleasure slaves” to the highest bidder and they are made to do unspeakable things. Many a noble has been found dead after their recently purchased half-elf decided to slit their throats and rob their coffers.

Religious leanings varies greatly from one half-elf to another, but most enslaved half-elfves pray to Zephyr Spearwind in hopes that they will be freed.

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