Though trueblood orcs are now altogether gentle sages, their offspring are typically more akin to the orcs of Pallis. Orcish scholars are still unsure why this is so, but they simply see it as penance for their brutish past. Because of the bloodlust evident in half-orcs, many orcs refuse to mate with humans.

In the old days when mortals still roamed Pallis, half-orcs were usually the tragic result of Orcish raids on early human settlements. Every corner of Pallis was made to fear the sound of the Orcish warhorn, and they were hunted to the point of near-extinction. However, that all changed with the Humbling. Half-orcs are now the product of over-passionate humans and weak-willed orcs. Half-orcs are also incapable of reproducing, which is usually a cause of great sadness to any half-orc who actually lives a decent number of years.

Half-orcs are incredibly muscular and seemingly built for battle. While not as brawny as true orcs, they have increased mental capacity thanks to their human blood. They tend to have dark colored hair and brownish eyes, although some are born with red eyes, much to the chagrin of their parents. Red-eyed half-orcs are ostracized by their kin and called brutes. Half-orc skin is usually a ruddy brown, olive green, or light gray and any combination of the three. Some are born with splotchy skin patterns, which has prompted other races to call such half-orcs "cow berserkers." The half-orc people also bare the telltale tusks of the orcs, though theirs are generally smaller and straighter.

They find their rhythm in battle. The screams of the wounded and clanging of steel on steel incites a joy within them that some half-orcs find sickening. A typical half-orc adventurer joins together with groups who seek to gain glory through strength of arms. Some half-orcs sadly succumb to their orcish blood and rage across the battlefield striking down friend and foe alike. Berserkers within the half-orc lines are put down during skirmishes because, once they heed the call of their Orcish blood, there is no return. The half-orc's life is a constant battle against their primal instincts. Along with being brutish warriors, half-orcs are also excellent hunters and trackers who rarely let their quarry get away.

Most half-orcs do not worship any god, like humans, but some embrace their primal side and make offerings to Kraggok after every battle.

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