Halfling Adventuring Party

Halflings are curious creatures that tend to live in small villages among the foothills and plains. The largest concentration of halflings is in the northern part of the Spearwind Lowlands. They are brave creatures that manage to complete heroic feats despite their small stature. However, the defining characteristic of a halfling is laziness. An old saying among the other races is that if you want to have a halfling show up to work, you better hire several. The overwhelming laziness is also a boon to halflings because it allows them to find the easiest solution to most problems. Halfling ranchers, for instance, are renowned throughout Faerstice because of their ability to break wild beasts in half the time it takes others. Even their native language, Halfspeak, is full of single words that have complex meanings behind them. Conversations between halflings are usually over in a flash.

Halflings are small creatures that tend to blend into their native environments. Their skin ranges from tan to dark brown, as does their hair. Some halflings are born with black hair and are seen as more desirable by the opposite sex. Halflings always have bright eyes that look like tiny gemstones, which helps them greatly in dealing with other races. Halflings generally look like smaller humans, except they are more lithe in stature.

They are masters of stealth and trickery. Some elves that spend their entire lives stalking prey in the forest have told stories of tripping over halflings while they nap in the woods. A halfling's stealth comes from several factors: they are small, they are usually at the bottom of the food chain, and they are lazy. Most halflings don't see the point in fighting if it isn't completely necessary; thus, they tend to avoid conflict. Their passive attitudes make them easygoing and good natured companions. Halflings are used to being bullied by races bigger than them, so when they do find a true friend, they keep them for life. Nearly every halfling keeps a ledger of friends that includes everything a good friend needs to know about someone. It is common to have a halfling friend come calling out of the blue because they just happened to catch a certain fish that they remember you liked. In combat, halflings like to trick their opponents and keep out of harms way. It is common to be distracted by a halfling only to realize they have planted a dagger in your back. Halflings also love to ride animals into combat. The militia of halfling villages are usually halfway comprised of cavalry that outmaneuver their opponents then strike with ferocity. Halflings have also used their immense skills with stealth to take over most of the black market. They know how to get almost anything a person could want.

Halflings aren't religious by nature. Worshiping a deity requires too much work, and they would rather get in a good nap.

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