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Haven is a new settlement founded by the Rulatharian Empire. It is also the first permanent human settlement in the Deep Wards. Haven is Rulathar's attempt to bring some civilization to the savage forest, and each of the colonists were chosen for their ability to deal with the demands of living in some an uncivilized area. There are constant threats from wild elves, goblinoids, and fey creatures. Rulathar has sent a steady shipment of supplies from Ashport, but they know that the likelihood of success in this area is slim.


Captain Maldrin Felspike

The population of Haven is currently only about 150, though everyday sees a trickle of colonists and adventurers coming to the area. Many have come to help the area with the promise of a handsome reward should the area around Haven be pacified.

Captain Maldrin Felspike is the current leader of Haven. He oversees the development of the hamlet, and he has recently been sending representatives to all the cities of the Rulatharian Empire in hopes of bringing more citizens out to defend the area.

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