Human Captain

Humans are the most populous and powerful of the civilized races. They are found in every corner of Faerstice, and they seemingly excel at anything they put their mind to. Humans are also the only race that, without a shadow of a doubt, developed independent of divine intervention. They never let the other races forget about this fact, and they are extremely proud of their independence. The human kingdoms control almost all of Faerstice, and nobody contests their strength and ingenuity.

Humans stand between 5'6 and 6'3 tall and weight around 150-220 pounds. Their hair ranges in color from blonde to black, and their eyes can be brown, blue, green, yellow, purple, or any combination of those colors. They are fairly resistant to all diseases and climates, which is one of the main factors in their rise to power.

Humans do whatever they wish. They are the most powerful race and champion innumerable causes. There are no set characteristics for human personalities because each individual is so different. Humans fascinate and infuriate the older races because they change so rapidly. Once one human tactic is countered, they develop several more. Perhaps the thing that humans do the best is distilling the best aspects of each culture. Their system of laws and governance are an amalgamation of what they have seen other races successfully implement. One trait that most humans do share, however, is their lust for life. They dwell on their own mortality even more than the shorter lived races, and they are obsessed with what their legacy will be once they die. It is this need to form a legacy that has resulted in the massive human empires on Pallis and Faerstice.

The main human kingdoms of Faerstice are Rulathar, Gildoun, and Vludrecht. Though countless human kingdoms have come and gone, these three have stood the test of time. War between these three kingdoms has been nearly uninterrupted since humans first set foot upon Faerstice over four centuries ago. The Reckoning Pact ushered in the longest era of peace between the humans that the Faerstice has seen.

The vast majority of humans spurn the gods for the Humbling. One exception exists: the Order of Sir Talsden. These dogmatic knights have carved out their own area of Faerstice and seek to spread the teachings of their patron far and wide. Most humans see them as foolish, but their power is undeniably growing.

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