The deity of the Fertility Plane, Keyldynan is the patron deity of wild elves, the natural creatures of the forests, and those who live closely with nature. Keyldynan was the first deity to evolve a race. He developed a lasting connection with every living being in the world and urges followers to uphold the balance of life. He has been known to work with the elemental deities to stop natural disasters, such as when he called on Gubash to thwart a wildfire that ravaged the forests of Pallis. His symbol is the unbroken rings of eternity.


  • Balance must be achieved in all things. Moderation should be observed in every facet of life.
  • The natural world should not be ravaged for resources. Each individual should only take what is absolutely necessary to survive.
  • Any aberrations who make the forests their home should be destroyed.
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