The deity of the plane of war, Kraggok is the patron deity of orcs, some half-orcs, and soldiers. His plane is a constantly shifting battlefield where he allows some of his mortal servitors to join in the melee. He does not believe in unmitigated brutality as he thinks warfare is the crucible upon which greatness is forged. Murder for murder's sake is unconscionable to him. Kraggok has a particular soft spot for the orcs as he sees them as his children. Many of those who follow Kraggok lash white strips of cloth onto their weapons. The mark of a great warrior is when the strip is a deep purple from the dried blood. Kraggok's symbol is a great axe with a blood-red sash wrapped around the haft.


  • One who shows cowardice in the face of battle has no right to live. Battle is the truest test of a person's mettle and one should take every opportunity to test themselves.
  • Any who give into their primal bloodlust must be annihilated.
  • Those who cannot defend themselves should be given the tools to do so, but they should never be defended if they are not willing to join in the battles.
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