The deity of the Nightmare Plane, Libbok (the Screaming God) is the tormentor of those who slip into the sweet embrace of sleep unguarded. All nightmares slip from this ethereal plane into the minds of mortal creatures every night. Libbok's power is increased each time someone experiences primal fear, and he is one of the most powerful deities as a result of this. He is responsible for creating the most horrific creatures in the world, including hags and monstrous spiders that leech fear from those they stalk. He also uses his power to influence the minds of mortals to spread rumors and legends of terrifying creatures, and the resulting fear gives Libbok the power to bring these creatures into existence. His symbol is a face frozen in shrieking horror.


  • One should sow fear into the hearts of all they come across.
  • Any sources of sanctuary that calm the hearts of mortals should be destroyed.
  • Creatures that bring hope to the world should be slaughtered indiscriminately.
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