Commander Berold Frostfallow

The Mortal Vanguard is an independent group of soldiers and mercenaries from across Faerstice who have banded together to seek out the refuges of the immortal elves and exterminate them. They are funded by various noble families and groups from around Faerstice, and the general hatred of Keyldynan's elves keeps their coffers fairly full. They have garrisons in most of the major cities, and there are numerous forts scattered around the continent. They follow reports of Elven attacks like bloodhounds seeking fresh quarry.

These fighters are led by Commander Berold Frostfallow, a former soldier of Vludrecht. He is a ruthless tactician, and he will not rest until every last elf on Faerstice has been eliminated. Commander Frostfallow makes no distinction between the different types of elves as he blames them all for the coming of the fog.

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