It has been 423 years since the fog forced the inhabitants of Pallis north into the Elven lands of Faerstice. To escape the punishment of the gods, all the other races waged war on the elves to gain safety in the untouched north. The elves escaped to their hidden sanctuaries to plot revenge while the invaders sought out new homelands. The world is savage and untamed even after all these years. Humans spread like locusts as dwarves burrow deep into the ground. Nearly constant war has ravaged these lands due to low resources; however, the last few decades have been marked by an unsteady peace.

The peace cannot last long. The human empires bicker with each other, the dwarven strongholds fall to invaders from below, the elves pose a constant threat, and the fog slowly spreads from the Mournlands. This is a time of survival and grim determination. Adventurers seek to plunder Elven ruins or sell their swords for war or defense against the fog-born abominations. Heroes are exceedingly rare in these dark times as the world seems to trudge toward its imminent doom.


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