Grand Purger Ostwin Farhearth

The Order of Sir Talsden is the military arm of Sir Talsden's Cathedral. The order is comprised of holy warriors who fanatically follow the teachings of Sir Talsden. Their directive is to undertake any mission handed down from the priests of the cathedral, and they complete their tasks with brutal efficiency. These knights are typically seen driving back any foul creatures who seek to threaten human settlements. Their most legendary feat to date was scouring the Flint Hills of the stone giants who were once numerous in the area. The club wielded by the stone giant chieftan was hung outside the gates of the cathedral to ward off any who threaten the civilizations of Faerstice.

Many see the order's warriors as mindless zealots who are simply attack dogs that supply muscle to the cathedral's political ambitions. Regardless, they are led by a man whose loyalty to Sir Talsden is unquestionable: Grand Purger Ostwin Farhearth. He was orphaned at a young age by a pirate attack on his village, and he grew up under the careful guidance of the cathedral's elder priests. Groomed for command from a young age, Farhearth has overseen some of the order's most impressive victories in recent times.

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