The Pridefalls are a massive mountain range that splits off the lands of the Vlud tribes from the mainland of Faerstice. The only real passage through them is the site of the city of Vludrecht. The southern end of the Pridefall Mountains is home to the heart of Dwarven civilization and their capital the Crushing Mountain. Various creatures make their home in the Pridefalls. The goliaths live in scattered camps among the peaks, and this is also the home of the largest concentration of goblinoids on the continent.

The Pridefall Mountains got their name from the fact that this is the area where the Elven armies were finally defeated. The Elven capital city of Uman Lenothwa stretched from these mountains far into the Tomb Fields, and the passage where Vludrecht now sits was the site of the last major battle of the Exodus.

A large number of giants also inhabit the mountains, and there have been many instances of war with the dwarves and humans. The giants have been quiet for some time, which makes the civilized races of the Pridefalls nervous.

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