Deity of the Shifting Plane, Puggrimizyl is the patron deity of aberrations and some shapeshifters. The Shifting Plane is a world of constant mutation. The very ground itself is constantly shifting, attempting to attain a more efficient form. Puggrimizyl is obssessed with creating the perfect race, so he endlessly tinkers on his creations in his massive laboratory. From time to time, he sends his creations to the Material Plane to see how they fare in the world. Each time they are defeated, he throws himself back into his work, trying the find the perfect iteration of sentient life. Many aberrant creatures roam the land, and the other gods despise Puggrimizyl for tainting their creatures. He is mystified by this reaction, and he is simply trying to make their creations better. Puggrimizyl typically grants his followers boons that increase their abilities in multiple ways, but the results can leave them a horrific monstrosity that most will seek out and kill. Puggrimizyl gains his power from the yearning for perfection within creatures and the primal evolutionary forces present within the Material Plane. His symbol is three skulls of different species fused together.


  • One should never stop changing. To stand still is to die.
  • Perfection is the ultimate pursuit of every life form, and those too lazy or unwilling to change should be forced to do so.
  • Aberrations in any area should be cultivated and protected to grant Puggrimizyl insight into his next creation.
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