The deity of the plane of fire, Raltazan is the patron deity of dragons, blacksmiths, and those who crave power. Raltazan gave life to the dragons with the help of his brother, the Copper God, and their creation almost sundered the world. He still keeps watch over the dragons and tries to keep them from encroaching too far into the kingdoms of other races. Raltazan respects those who are ambitious and crave power. He also rewards those who help further the cause of dragons. Raltazan believes that people should be self-sufficient and the strongest should hold sway over the weakest. His symbol is a dragon's head spitting fire.


  • One should not be afraid to flaunt their power. Humble people are simply hiding their weakness.
  • The dragons are the most evolved of creatures and should be treated as such. One should never harm a dragon or help others to do such.
  • Weaker people who get in the way should be snuffed out by those who are powerful. That is the only way for the world to progress.
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