Ranten Thistleback

The deity of the plane of earth, Ranten Thistleback is the patron deity of miners, mountain dwarves, and some underground creatures. Most people also have at least a symbol of Thisleback in their homes because he is the god of sturdiness and permanency. Thistleback encourages his followers to take pride in their domiciles and to fight back any intruders, and he also places a strong emphasis on traditions. Many mountain dwarves follow him simply because he created them, and they share his fervor for permanency and tradition. Also, Thistleback helps grant the mountain dwarves the strength they need to defeat the denizens of the deep. His symbol is a chipped crag.


  • One should be loyal in all things. They should keep their oaths and maintain strong ties to the land, their companions, and their family.
  • One should strive to leave a permanent mark on the world so that their name is forever remembered.
  • If you have a strategy that works, stick with it. Proven strategies will never fail you.
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