The Festival of Rebirth is a week-long holiday that celebrates the beginning of a new year. Many use this as an opportunity to assess their lives and make plans for the future. This is also a celebration of the end of winter and the new life that is blooming across the lands. This is one of the main Elven holidays, and they perform their most sacred rites during this time, as they see the dawning of life as a blessing from Keyldynan himself.

This festival contains much revelry as it signals the coming of the calmer months where famine and the omnipresent cold are no longer worries. It is customary for most to undertake some new experience that is foreign to them during this time. Mostly, peasants will simply try some kind of food or drink they haven't ever had, whereas some may do something more drastic like switch professions. Some superstitions hold that Puggrimizyl curses any who fail to experience something new with bad fortunes for the rest of the year.

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