The Reclamation Guild is a loose consortium of tomb raiders and adventurers of all stripes. They seek to discover forgotten Elven ruins and find the treasures that lie within. As such, their operatives are trained in the art of spelunking and close quarters combat. Many thieves' guilds from the cities across Faerstice send their best rogues to become reclaimers.

The guild mainly operates around the Tomb Fields, and they have various outposts in that area set up to resupply field operatives who delve into the countless ruins of that area. Many who can not sate their wanderlust or greed join the guild to share resources and information with fellow operatives. Competition between operatives can sometimes be problematic as nobody wants to share the spoils of a particularly good haul.

No one knows for sure who runs the guild, and some suspect that a shadowy cabal of underworld crime bosses funnel the magical items and treasure directly into their private vaults.

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