Remembrance Day is a holiday where people pay respects to those who have died. The day is filled with trips to graveyards and crypts where drinks are had and stories are shared. Some cultures worship their ancestors, so this is a rather holy day for them. It is typical for people to go on picnics near areas where someone they cared about died or is interred. Former battlefields become rather crowded during these times. At night, people will go home and dress up in costumes and walk about town acting as if they were their ancestors. Sometimes people will dress up as monsters who killed one of their family members. It is common practice for Dwarven children to dress up as goblins or kobolds and run around the mountainhold causing mischief. This masked cavorting usually causes all sorts of chaos, but guards are typically lenient during these times.

Followers of Shardonna hold this as a high holiday, but they observe it in a different way. They give thanks for all who have crossed over onto the Plane of Death. Instead of focusing on how their ancestors lived and their great deeds, they tell stories of how they died.

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