The Splinter Port

The Rending Bay is a dangerous stretch of water characterized by patches of ice and sharp spears of rock that jut up from the fog. Around the bay lives the largest concentration of humans in Faerstice: the Vlud tribes. The tribesmen call this land home, and they endure the harshest conditions of any people on the continent.

The Splinter Port is the largest port in the area, and it receives supplies from the Straight of Snaring. It is also used by the innumerable fishing boats that try to provide sustenance from the freezing depths.

The Rending Bay gets its name for the dangerous rocks near the coast that can rip a ship to pieces, but that is not the only danger in the area. Dire wolves, giant eagles, polar bears, mammoths, goblinoids, and yeti all make their home near the Rending Bay. These creatures typically leave the Vlud villages alone as they cannot overcome such great numbers, but those who wander the tundra or frozen forests to forage might never return to their village alive.

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