The Wizened Tower

Rulathar is the capital of the Kingdom of Rulathar. Rulatharian lands include Ashport, Haven, parts of the Deep Wards, the southern half of the Spearwind Lowlands, the areas surrounding Sir Talsden's Cathedral, the northern Targok Floodplains, and all the land south of the Deep Wards and north of the Pilgrim's Leg. It is, by far, the most expansive kingdom in all of Faerstice.

Rulatharians place a fervent emphasis on education. The literacy rates within the kingdom are the highest of the human lands, and it is the only kingdom that somewhat accepts spellcasters. The Wizened Tower serves as the seat of the Tower Scholars and is also the focal point of most research in the continent. It is here that arcanists are watched closely as they study the fog and its effects. The hope is that one day they can stop the spread of the fog or beat it back entirely. Many orcs live within the tower and assist the human arcanists with their studies. All other races send representatives to the tower to give lectures on a myriad of topics.

King Hesperos Longspear

The humans of Rulathar are comparatively devout, and many noble families send their children to Sir Talsden's Cathedral to follow his teachings. As such, the knights of Sir Talsden also help Rulatharian interests first.

Rulathar's population is around 30,000. Due to their increased education levels, Rulatharians are sent throughout Faerstice to assist local governments. Rulatharian architects and engineers are also in high demand throughout the continent. The Rulatharian army is highly trained, and their use of tactics is second only to the Vluds.

King Hesperos Longspear is the current ruler of Rulathar. The Rulatharians live under a feudal monarchy with noble families governing all the settlements of the kingdom. The Longspear family has been in charge of Rulathar for seven generations, and the kingdom is the most politically stable of all human lands.

Rulatharian Crest

The crest of the Kingdom of Rulathar is a winged lion.

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