Scale river

The Scale River is the longest river in Faerstice, and it gets its name from the infestation of lizardfolk that inhabit the swampy areas at its southern end. This river connects Ashport, Sir Talsden's Cathedral, and Feppo's Landing, so it is a rather important trade route. Guards from the aforementioned settlements patrol the river routinely, but they have done little to make significant gains against the lizardfolk who harass their trade ships.

The swamps on the southern end of the river are so dangerous because they are extremely hard to navigate by foot or small boat. The lizardfolk use guerrilla tactics to easily dispatch any forces that try to carry out military operations in the area. The leadership in Feppo's Landing has made clearing the lizardfolk lands near the river a top priority.

The northern end of the river can also be dangerous, as creatures from the woodlands, sometimes including wood elves, have been known to ambush merchants heading out of Ashport.

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