The deity of the plane of death, Shardonna (the pale mistress) is the patron deity of those who believe in fate and necromancers. She is part of the dual nature of The Mistress, and they share the same essence. Shardonna's plane is full of the souls who have departed the mortal realm. She does not create anything as the other deities do, but she rules over everything that departs. Her followers tend to have a fatalistic view of the world. She does, however, help mortals from time to time as she will take someone before their time to end suffering. Most of the people who worship Shardonna do so because they see what is the definite end for everyone, and they would like to punish those who try to escape it. Healers are generally not followers of Shardonna, and sometimes those who practice resurrection are targeted by Shardonna cults. Her symbol is an hourglass.


  • One should let life run its course. Death is the natural end to life.
  • One should destroy any who tamper with fate. Those who would attempt to be immortal are only fools who play with powers they do not understand.
  • Undead creatures should be put to death so that their souls may find rest.
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