Sir Talsden

The deity of the plane of civilization, Sir Talsden is the patron deity of humans, politicians, and those who strive for true nobility. Sir Talsden was the deity who counseled the humans after they had been ransacked by the orcs on Pallis. He showed them how barbaric retaliation would bring them no peace. He helped them to spread to every corner of Pallis, and he was widely and fervently worshiped before the Humbling. Many warriors fight honorably in the name of Sir Talsden. Sir Talsden also believes in justice being meted out for ones crimes as everyone should take responsibility for their actions. Sir Talsden's Cathedral is the site of a huge standing army of warpriests that seek out any who oppose the teachings of Sir Talsden. His symbol is a stone keep with scales balanced above it.


  • The wild areas of the world should be colonized and tamed for permanent settlements. Also, all attempts should be made to civilize lesser creatures.
  • One should meet every obstacle with the utmost honor. Trickery and dirty fighting achieve nothing except hollow victories.
  • Those who commit crimes must be held accountable for them. No station in life or special power allows criminals to get away with crimes.
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