Sir Talsden's Cathedral is an autonomous city-state that enacts the will of their patron deity, Sir Talsden. They seek to spread civilization to all corners of Faerstice, which they mainly do through the work of the Order of Sir Talsden. Every citizen of the cathedral is a devout follower of Sir Talsden, and heresy is the highest crime of the land. Any thought to be acting against the interests of the deity is burned at the stake. Though they are independent, the leadership of the cathedral takes into account the interests of the Kingdom of Rulathar since many of the cathedral's citizens hail from that kingdom.

The population of the cathedral is about 5,000. These citizens are ruled over by a group of the seven most venerable priests from the cathedral. When one dies, the others vote on who should take their place. All matters of import are voted on as the citizenry believes that the council has a direct line of communication with Sir Talsden.

The cathedral's crest is the same as the symbol of Sir Talsden: a set of scales balanced above a stone keep.

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