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Rattermarct Point

The Straight of Snaring is a treacherous pathway of water on the northern coast of Faerstice. Only certain parts of the waterway thaw at all, and this precipitous route through the straight has to be constantly kept clear of massive sheets of ice. Rattermarct Point, a Vlud holding, is the largest port on the northern coast. The point is used to move supplies south when the water becomes completely impassable. Ships can also be repaired for their journeys into warmer waters.

Some creatures can actually survive in the freezing waters, and they pose a grave risk to travelers. The deadliest of these creatures are the remorhaz. These alien-looking creatures resemble spined centipedes, but they can stand up to twelve feet tall. They swim beneath the ice sheets and will break through to snatch sailors off their decks if they find food to be scarce.

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