Desert concept art by mikrob-d8cv664.jpg

The Swordbreaker Peninsula is a fairly desolate land that has been wracked by the fog. All the local flora and fauna has been twisted and corrupted by the fog, which has decimated what was once a verdant area. The peninsula was once home to many elves, but they were driven back by savage orcs who sailed across the seas from Pallis. This was the first time that another civilized race had invaded Faerstice.

The peninsula received its name from the elves who fought in vain to dislodge the orcs who had settled the peninsula. They simply could not compete against the ferocity of the orcs alone. Kraggok sent his children to Faerstice simply to antagonize Keyldynan, and they lived there until the Humbling happened. It was then that Kraggok transformed the orcs into their present form and guided them to the peninsula for safety.

In current times, most ignore the peninsula except for the orcs, who have established their capital city of Vadokanuk on its southern tip. They flourish in the fog, whereas other races would have been killed off long ago.

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