The Tallstride is an important trade road that connects Feppo's Landing to Rulathar. A large percentage of all the food that is consumed in Faerstice travels upon this road. As such, it was fiercely guarded by soldiers from all the kingdoms of Faerstice. Even the dwarves and orcs send troops to keep the road safe. However, even with such a large force of men, the road is constantly beset by bandits looking to steal the shipments of food. There are even some highwaymen who steal simply to make sure that the poorest humans in Rulathar and Gildoun are fed in times of scarcity.

Other than bandits, there is also a near constant threat from other creatures who prowl the roads such as ogres, ankhegs, lizardfolk, ogres, and goblinoids. There is a constant concern amongst the human kingdoms that trade could be interrupted, which would prompt continent-wide famines.

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