The Tempest Coast is a tumultuous area of roiling magic that constantly sends storms slamming into the southern coast of Faerstice. None have tried to navigate its waters and succeeded, as ships are instantly torn apart by the savage storms. Those who live on the coast as seen as suicidal by many, and they are few in number. Only those who possess great fortitude make this area their home. Flanked by the Fogveil Forest and the Spearwind Lowlands, this would be a deadly area even without the storms.

However, those who do live here enjoy a modicum of safety is they can weather the storms. Most creatures don't tread near this area, and the fish from the sea and mostly just thrown onto the shore for any who want to feast upon them. The Vigilant Guard also pay any who wish to settle this area a monthly stipend, simply so that they can have a place to retreat to should Fort Vigilance ever be overrun.

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