The Copper God

Deity of the Hoard Plane, the Copper God is the brother of Raltazan. Followers of the Copper God show their loyalty by sacrificing riches to him in elaborate rituals. He takes all these treasures and uses his brother's power to melt them down into massive oceans of molten prosperity. The Copper God lives in these oceans, bathing in the pure power that is given to him by the faith that mortals put into their wealth and coins in general. He is known as the Copper God because every scrap of wealth, down to the lowliest copper piece belongs to him. His followers believe that every piece of wealth they receive is due to his power, and he has blessed his most devout followers with unimaginable wealth. Since wealth creates power, his capabilities ebb and flow with those of his brother. With their combined power, they control at least a small part of the hearts of nearly all mortal creatures. His symbol is a copper piece with a clenched fist on it.


  • The accumulation of wealth should be the prime directive of everyone's life.
  • Those who stand in the way of prosperity by preaching charity or thriftiness should be ignored or destroyed.
  • Thievery is a noble cause, but it should never be practice against the noble dragons. Any who take even a single coin from the hoard of a dragon should be destroyed with impunity.
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