The Humbling was the name given to the event that destroyed most of the known world. The gods called down the fog to scour Pallis of all mortal creatures. All the races of Pallis tried to flee the murderous fog, but they simply had nowhere else to go. A select few leaders knew of Faerstice, and they took their people north toward safety. This emigration led to the Exodus.

Pallis was wiped clean of nearly all mortal life. The death toll was unimaginable, with nearly 95% of all mortals destroyed by the fog. Innumerable races were completely wiped out. Vast empires were destroyed in a matter of months. Those who thought their faith would shield them were swept away with the others.

There are many explanations given for the Humbling. Some say the gods were frustrated with their creations and wanted a clean slate. Others believe the gods were threatened by the stolen arcane powers of the mortals. The planes were also said to be waning in power due to all the mortals drawing away too much power. Whatever the true reason, the mortal races are generally highly resentful of the gods for what they unleashed on Pallis.

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