The mindweaver

Deity of the Hive Plane, the Mindweaver is the patron of psionic creatures an illithids. The Hive Plane is a realm of connection. All the creatures share one mind and live in absolute harmony. With the combined strength of all the minds on the Hive Plane at his disposal, the Mindweaver works to create creatures of superior intellect to enslave those of weaker intelligence. The illithids are his greatest creation, and they serve as his champions on the Material Plane. Those who follow the Mindweaver are granted supernatural psychic abilities so that they can assert their intellectual dominance on those who do not understand the strength that comes with total unity. The other gods hate the Mindweaver for his arrogance and tactics, and there have even been several attempts on his life. However, the unquestioning following he has on the Hive Plane makes him nearly invincible. His symbol is an eye with three concentric rings around it.


  • Those who do not become one with the Mindweaver should be destroyed.
  • One must give themselves fully to their goals and work in perfect tandem with those around them.
  • The lesser minds of the Material Plane must be dominated or destroyed, as they interfere with the works of the Mindweaver.
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