Deity of the Shadow Plane, the Mistress is the patron of shadow creatures who enact her bidding upon the material plane and some thieves. The Mistress is actually the dual nature of Shardonna. Essentially, the Mistress is what was created by the pure truth that death brings, so the two deities coexist in one state. The Shadow Plane is an exact copy of the Material Plane, but in it all lies are exposed. This plane of existence has also been drained of all color, as that only serves to help hide the plain truths of life. People are seen for what they really are, with their inner monsters representing their true forms. Buildings likewise are show for what they really are, with corrupt castles of tyrants appearing as ominous dark towers. The Mistress deals in shadows and lies, and her power comes directly from mortals who speak untruths and conduct shadowy plots. Her prayers are conspiracies mumbled in dark meeting rooms, and she sometimes bestows her boon upon those who wish to skulk about the Material Plane obscured from the light of day. There are quite a few cults dedicated to her comprised mostly of thieves who conduct lurid heists under cover of darkness. Most major thieves' guilds in Pallis had a shrine dedicated to her in order to help them conduct their operations. She has never shown her true form to her followers, only appearing as a woman in a black, shifting robe with her face obscured by swirling darkness. Since she knows every lie ever told, she is also worshiped by some politicians to help with their plots and blackmailing exercises. Her symbol is a smiling black mask.


  • One should never show their true selves. Revealing one's identity opens them up to attack, and honesty is simply cowardice.
  • Hiding in the shadows and waiting for the opportune time to strike is not cowardly, it is simply the smartest strategy to attain one's goals.
  • One should commit themselves to collecting and hoarding secrets the way most do gold. These whispered secrets should be offered up as tribute to the Mistress.
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