In the petra ruins by raphael lacoste

The Tomb Fields are a largest stretch of rocky hills that represent the remains of the largest Elven kingdom and its capital Uman Lenothwa. This land was once home to sprawling, interconnected cities that served as the heart of Elven society. The sheer grandeur of what the Elves built has not been matched before or since. At the end of the Exodus, the elves use powerful magic to obliterate their cities, ensuring they would leave nothing of their impressive cities for the mortal races to inhabit. What is left is a blasted wasteland of ruins full of ancient, dormant magic and unspeakable creatures drawn to the magical forces.

The Reclamation Guild mainly operates in this area, and they have countless outposts and archaeological sites set up to try to reclaim artifacts and relics of the Elven kingdoms.

Though the lure of forgotten treasure is strong, this area is also home to the most dangerous creatures in Faerstice. There are also scores of undead that roam the area, looking for any living creature to unleash their rage on. Due to the lack of any civilized area nearby, the Tomb Fields are also a haven for criminals of all sorts.

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