The Trade River is the most trafficked river in Faerstice. The river serves as the main aquatic artery of trade between Gildoun and Rulathar. It has many of the same problems that the Glister Way has, namely innumerable bandits. Merchants sailing this river must also contend with threats from kobolds and centaurs coming from the Spearwind Lowlands as well.

Halfling pirates have built immense fortunes out of raiding this river and then disappearing into their strongholds in the Spearwind Lowlands. Quite a few bounty hunters have been dispatched to deal with these stout cutthroats, but they typically do not fare well. Pirate enclaves also make sure to disperse their wealth among the halfling commoners, so there has been no cooperation between the human kingdoms and halfling settlers in the Lowlands.

The river also has its fair share of smugglers, as many halfling pirates bring illicit goods, mainly herbal drugs brewed by halflings, to Rulathar and Gildoun using this important trade route. Operatives of the Gutsail Gangers have been known to do some work with the halfling pirates as well.

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